Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Adamesh Summer Driving Guide and Accessories for Jaguar Cars

It’s officially the start of summer this week, which means many of you will be getting out and about more in your beloved Jaguar. The higher temperatures and longer journeys will inevitably put extra demands on your vehicle, but a bit of extra planning and preparation before you set off, will ensure your Jaguar runs smoothly.

Adamesh have put together some reminders on how to look after your Jaguar for summer driving, along with our top recommended accessories to give you maximum enjoyment for the journey.

  1.  Ensure your car is regularly serviced and has passed its MOT, and then you have less chance of breaking down en-route. Try to book in your car at least 2 week’s before your trip.
  2. If your car has been stored away over the winter, check your battery is in good condition. Our CTEK Battery charger and conditioner charges at a higher rate without gassing or damaging vehicle electrics with spikes of power.
  3. Check your oil and water levels and make sure they are topped up before you start your journey. This will help avoid your car overheating. Keep extra water on board in case you need to top up water levels or keep hot passengers hydrated!
  4. Check your tyres and tyre pressure (including your spare). Check for any damage and ensure the tread depth is at the legal limits. Inflate your tyres to the recommended manufacturer’s levels, as extra passengers add strain to your suspension, but be careful not to over inflate! If you have alloy wheels and notice any damage our Alloy Wheel Repair Kit will save you money on expensive repairs.
  5. Check all vehicle lights are in working order and carry spare bulbs as necessary.  If you want to transform the look of your vehicle and improve visibility, check out our LED Daytime Running Lights.
  6. Most Jaguar main dealers offer a Summer Healthcheck for all of the above, as well as other items such under the bonnet checks. Winter can be a tough time for your Jaguar, and the dealer can make sure it is ready for summer.
  7. Ensure your vehicle is well ventilated. Check air conditioning systems and fans are working correctly. Our Privacy shades will help reduce heat in the car by blocking out sunlight. They also reduce glare and keep your children and pets protected from harmful UV rays and bugs whilst travelling, even with the windows open, helping to keep them well ventilated.
  8. For convertible vehicles we know you can’t wait to get that roof down for long summer journeys! With an Adamesh Wind Deflector you can make it a more comfortable experience, increasing your open top driving time by minimising air currents and improving acoustics.
  9. If you are driving elsewhere in Europe it is a legal requirement to display a GB sticker. Ensure you have yours to avoid an on the spot fine.You will also need to ensure you have a warning triangle and reflective jacket for most countries. For more information Jaguar have produced the comprehensive 2013 European Driving Guide
  10. Finally plan your journey well, check the traffic and weather conditions before you go and take plenty of breaks.

Wishing you a safe journey!

This post is written by Adamesh a leading independent UK specialist supplier of stylish accessories and finishes for Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover cars. We supply direct-replacement mesh grilles, light lenses and a wide array of trims, spoilers and surrounds to add character and refinement to your car, as well as powerful LED light bars and working lights for off road, agriculture and forestry use. For more information visit our websites at adamesh.co.uk, adamesh4x4.co.uk and wildernesslighting.co.uk.

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