Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Adamesh Announce New Repair and Restoration Range for Jaguar Cars

Most Jaguar drivers are already aware of the damage that can be caused to their vehicles as a result of modern day motoring. Statistics claim 1 in 7 cars has sustained minor to medium bodywork damage. Door mirrors, wheel arches, bumpers and lower bodywork can easily be scuffed or scratched from high kerbs, parking in spaces and larger vehicles. Not to mention the general wear and tear that comes from increased traffic volumes!

Adamesh now sell a brand new ‘Repair & Restoration’ range to provide an effective and economic solution to repairing vehicle damage. The alternative is to go to a body shop or mobile repair man with extensive labour costs. As you know if you make an insurance claim this will also affect your no claims status.

The repairing process however, is quite straightforward. If you have the time and are prepared to put in a bit of an effort, a cost saving of up to 80% can be achieved. A perfect finish to your Jaguar will also increase its resale value.

All products from the new ‘Repair & Restoration’ range are supplied with comprehensive, easy to follow instructions which provide a step by step, start to finish approach to achieving an improved appearance for your vehicle. They are manufactured from the latest in polymer, polyester and adhesion technology and will give a professional finish that rivals any professional bodyshop repair.

We have included product highlights from the ‘Repair & Restoration’ range below. Our website at showcases many more products so do take a look if you can’t find what you need here.

Technik Surface Deep Cleaner

The perfect product for the first step in the repair process, which is to clean the damaged area thoroughly. It quickly and effectively removes all traces of polish, wax, silicone, oil, grease and adhesive residue and is safe to use on all paint surfaces.

400ml can - £8.99

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Technik 2 in 1 Filler and Primer

For minor scuffs and scratches this product is great for filling them in and priming the surface for a top coat of paint. It is quick drying with great adhesion and coverge.

400 ml can - £8.99 

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Technik Rust Preventer

If preventing rust and corrosion in the vehicle repair process is a priority then this product creates a penetrable barrier against moisture, stopping rust on all exposed exterior metal and steel surfaces.

500 ml can - £12.99

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Advanced Body Filler

Ideal for filling and repairing dents, gouges, splits and scratches in the body work of both modern day vehicle body panels as well as traditional steel ones. It has excellent adhesion to bodywork and is easy to sand and shape.

500g tin - £14.99
1000g tin – 19.99

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Plastic Bumper & Trim Repair Putty

If you have cracked, split or holed plastic bumpers and trim, this product is the perfect solution. Its ultra fine formula eliminates air bubbles and provides a smooth finish.

242g putty and 8g hardener - £12.99

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This post is written by Adamesh a leading independent UK specialist supplier of stylish accessories and finishes for Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover cars. We supply direct-replacement mesh grilles, light lenses and a wide array of trims, spoilers and surrounds to add character and refinement to your car, as well as powerful LED light bars and working lights for off road, agriculture and forestry use. For more information visit our websites at, and

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